The house and garden in Kungsängen
We are spending quite som time in the garden around our house. The cheif gardneer being Susann. With friendly backup by the team of Tilman, Anna and Maria.. As you can see from the pictures, our garden is a steady evolution from the basic times when we bougt the house to now, when things are getting better and better. Most recent pictures are on the top.

Since spring 2010 we now have a chicken family on the roof of the shed. The rooster and hen are overlooking the small chicken running around in circles whenever the wind blowes. The chicken family is made out of copper by Andreas Thulesius some years ago.

In the back garden we also have loads of flowers and plants. To the left you can see that a big ant by Andreas Thulesius is overlooking some nice flowers.

As you can see from the pictures above from 2008 things are progressing quite nicely in our flowerbeds. Roses are growing all over the place and they seem to be getting along with us quite well. 2002, when we moved in there was a very basic garden design. So we had all possibilities to make thing better. And we beliwe that we have done so. The hedge on the front covers of a nice flowerbed with lots of flowers biong loved not just by us but also by butterflies and bees.

Maria is enyoing some music while cutting grass in the garden July 17 2008. We are very pleased to have built up a garden with a nice comfort to us.


Here you have our small gardenwatchman, reading a book when not overlooking the garden.

Our outdoorroom, great place to be with a roof and shades. So no worries if there is rain, heavy sun, either way you can be outdoors.

Then entrance now has two similar doors matching. The right one is the main entrance where the left one opens up to the laundryroom.

The front garden (2004) looks great compared to when we moved in. Have a look and compare to previous state of things.

To the left Aug 2003, to the right Sept 2002...... difference ??

The South of the house. with a bit of "Snickarglädje" to lighten it up.

All pictures Copyright (c) Thulesius family - Tilman D. Thulesius ( tilman(a) )

We are members of the Kungsängsliljan gardeninggroup here in Kungsängen.